greetings from a newbie in Florida

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Aug 11, 2014
Clearwater, Florida
Howdy! been browsing the site quite a lot recently and i must say ive enjoyed it. im still learning quite a bit as im still very new to this. long story short i live in Clearwater Florida (pinellas county) and i was given a radioshack pro-405 desktop scanner. it was 15 bucks and i enjoy the background static and occasional dispatch voice helps me sleep at night. but as it turned out the 405 is useless in this area and i was told (as well as learned from here) that its because its an older model and were all digital/trunking here. i stepped up the game and picked up a pro-106 for 75$. i was just wanting to make sure it will work here. its a digital trunking scanner i know, but im not sure if we run on analog and trunking, or all digital.

either way i figured it was just a good deal all around. but any and all help is much appreciated!

Not open for further replies.