Grouping sites? Not sure which is best for NJ monitoring

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Mar 24, 2003
West Caldwell, NJ
Hi all,
I'm not sure of something that's probably fundamental here. I live in northeast NJ and for the NJSP 700 and 800 MHz systems there are multiple transmitter sites listed near me.

Are all talkgroups carried on all sites or only specific groups carried on specific sites? And if so, how do I know which groups normally affiliate with which sites?

I'm mostly interested in standard patrol groups (4-COMM mostly but also the others on occasion) and not CIB or whatnot, and occasionally the GSP and Turnpike talkgroups as well. As such, how should I handle sites? Right now for the 700 MHz system I have 3 sites available to me. West Orange simulcast carries Fairfield (next town over from me) as well as NJSP patrol talkgroups. I also have full signal off Ramapo and moderate signals out of Netcong.

At the moment, on the 800 MHz analogue system, I have just one site enabled (Troop B simulcast). How do "simulcast" sites differ from non-simulcast sites?

How should I handle this? Should I enable all three sites with the same system quick key, put the different sites for the same system on different quick keys or just not bother with the outlying sites at all? This is all very confusing and I can't seem to find a best-practice guide anywhere on how to make sense of all this.

Thanks in advance!
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