Grundig S350DL Tuning Fix

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May 18, 2007
United States of America
I have a Grundig S350DL and as just about ever review I read there is mention of the Sloppy tuning on these receivers.

I decided to take mine apart today to see if I could see anything visibly wrong or repairable and maybe modifiable, After removing the rear case screws and removing the front knobs, I split the receiver and got to the gut's, then removing the very top PCB (the one with the display on it), I noticed there where screws in the center of the large pulley's, I carefully tightened both of them, they were slightly loose but not as much as i thought they would be when i thought to my self, That's the problem....Well like I said, They were not very loose at all but I did CAREFULLY tighten them up, Then I noticed two small brass shims on the main tuning fixture, I removed the two small shims (maybe .005 thick each) and put everything back together,when it came time to push the main tuning knob back on, I push gently to make sure it was aligned properly then I pushed Very Hard to seat it down as far as i could, It is down further then it was before, not by much but It is down further, and it is Not dragging on the case at all, I plugged it back in and What a BIG Difference it made in how it responds to the dial.

If you have one of these receivers, try this, It most certainly helped mine....
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