GSM/WCDMA IP network two way radio

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Jul 27, 2017
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Have you used the two way radio with below functions?
1: Working: connected by 2G GSM / 3G WCDMA / WiFi network,
Data cost is controllable, by setting TOT, talking rank, setting group etc.
2: Talking all over the world, operation easily and quickly.
3: No need to set the repeater, transceiver, trunking system.
4: Phone calling and SMS function also available for certain products.
5: More stable, compatible, flexible.
In another word, its functions are more powerful and abundant.
Easily, just take the IP network(GSM / WCDMA) two way radio, all will be realized.

Dual mode: Analog VHF/UHF + IP network GSM/WCDMA in one pieces is available.
No need to give up the analog radio, because it compatible with VHF/UHF.

People said:
1: Tesunho, a R&D based, more than 11 years wireless communication devices supplier
2: Participated in TOP3 supplier’s research and development of WCDMA module in China.
3: Supply not only the radio, but also the technical support and after sales maintenance guide.
4: Granted as “POC Program Design Award based on LTE CAT1 ME3610”,
which launched by ZTEWelink Technology Co., LTD. (the related company of ZTE Corporation).

You are welcomed to contact me by: for more information.
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