GSM / WCDMA IP network two way radio

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Jul 27, 2017
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Have you operated the two way radio with below functions?
1: Working: connected by 2G GSM / 3G WCDMA / WiFi network,
Data cost is controllable, by setting TOT, talking rank, setting group etc.
2: Talking all over the world, operation easily and quickly.
3: No need to set the repeater, transceiver, trunking system.
4: Phone calling and SMS function also available for certain products.
5: More stable, compatible, flexible.
In another word, its functions are more powerful and abundant.

IP network(GSM / WCDMA) two way radio can help to realize above functions.
Particular one: compatible with VHF and UHF, two in one pieces.

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Jorson (Supplier from China)
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