Hacking cell phones

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May 7, 2004
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This is old news, but I just found out about it and some of you may not have heard of it.

Femtocells: The $250 device that lets hackers take over your phone | Digital Trends

At the Black Hat hacker conference in Las Vegas, NV, on Wednesday, a pair of security researchers detailed their ability to use a Verizon signal-boosting device, a $250 consumer unit called a femtocell, to secretly intercept voice calls, data, and SMS text messages of any handset that connects to the device.
Seems like everything you have tech wise is hackable. I know you can listen in on DECT 6.0 phones with Backtrack for example. I own one and called AT&T and confirmed it uses encryption, but it's weak. And then your FHSS phones most likely all use the same PN code.

That wireless keyboard that you enabled encryption, yeah that just uses XOR. ROFL.
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