Halifax, NS Scanner Newbies looking for info/help...

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Feb 7, 2010
Halifax Nova Scotia
I am writing you to inquire whether you could help my son and I. We are certainly new to radio scanning. My son, Noah is 19 and is very keen to get into radio scanning. He has always been fascinated in dispatch communications. He is quite disabled (cerebral palsy, quadraplegic - in a wheelchair -with some visual disability as well...) and thus his opportunites for hobbies are quite limited. I would like to support him in his initerest in scanning.
We live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We recently pushcased a Uniden BCT8 Scanner from the Source. None of their staff are knowledgeable in regard to how to use this device. They told me to "go online" and get info about the frequencies of different business/services to scan I have three pages of frequencies but we are still not getting any radio transmission (with the exception of a few French weather stations....).
I'm wondering if anyone (preferably in Nova Scotia) could give us some help in getting things working for my son. You can contact me at: wyndrock@ns.sympatico.ca

Not open for further replies.