Ham It Up Converter Assistance?

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Mar 2, 2004
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Good morning gang,

I got my Ham It UP! converter working yesterday... kinda and while I was EXTREMELY impressed with the reception performance, I was really let down on the frequency offset / calibration business. (And I thought my wife was complicated!)

So here's how I did it. Using SDR#, I found a BOOMING SW station around 6500 KHz on my actual shortwave radio, and used it as a freq reference. Then I tuned around on the dongle and found the station. (About a 250 ms delay between the two. not shabby!) so adjusted the frequency offset until the frequency matched what was on my radio. (Ended up being -113,820,460 or something odd like that) Smooth sailing? No, not quite.

So I tuned up some on both, and the signals didn't match. I may have a station on 6540 on the SDR, that is actually on 6565 on the actual shortwave. NO LONGER "calibrated". Tried this with several other SW frequencies with the same result. I even zeroed the PPM as suggested on Youtube. No luck.

So I calibrate, tune up some and the same station that is on my SW on the new freq is not there, it's off somewhere close.

Anyone been down this road before and know a great solution? I would love to have this thing zeroed in. Thanks for the help.


The offset on a HamItUp is either 120 or 125 MHz, depending on which model you have. It should be marked on the crystal.

The Shift in SDRSharp would be -120,000,000 or -125,000,000 as appropriate, and don't forget to check the box when tuning HF.
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