Hamilton Fire Department


Oct 29, 2002
Downtown Hamilton
mciupa's point is the topic of the thread is Hamilton Fire, not Fleetnet reception of EMS, the dreaded "E" word, utter speculation of the replacement timeline of Fleetnet or any combination there-of. There are countless threads open on those topics already. Can it be any clearer?
We've seen time after time that projected times and actual times are far off.

I saw that it took around 4 Years for Mississauga CACC, Hamilton CACC, to go onto Fleetnet. In July 2006 London CACC North service was still using their conventional repeater.

It takes time.

I worked for a company and my boss was a big wig at either Motorola or Bell, he was a bit of a jerk and I don't believe it when he said he designed Fleetnet, lol. But he did say that there are always circumstances to make expected times and realistic actual start times.

Enjoy scanning whatcha got. And if u want help here to do so ask away.