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Hard-wiring David Clark headset station to ICOM A110 radio

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Mar 26, 2017
Super new guy here. I was hoping I could get some advice about wiring a David Clark headset station directly to an ICOM A110 radio.

Here’s the issue: I work at an airport an we use these radios, which are fixed to our tugs, to contact the control tower to get clearance to tow aircraft on the taxiways. We currently have the David Clark headset stations connected to the ICOMs through a series of adapter cables and plugs. I wasn’t around when they made this setup but it seems like we are always having issues with poor connections and interference. In addition, the outside temps range from 0°F to 120°F throughout the year. The ICOMs are mounted inside a steel electrical enclosure that is supposed to be water tight but still leaks.

I want to propose a plan to my boss to remove the radio equipment from the tugs and make some “Go Boxes” so the radios can be removed from the extreme weather conditions when not in use. At the same time, I would really like to find a way to wire the David Clark headset stations directly to the ICOMs. Finally, another issue we’ve been encountering is interference from some LED head lights that were recently mounted to the tugs. I’m pretty sure the interference is coming from these lights because as soon as we turn them off, the interference goes away. I need some advice on what I can do to protect against it. I’ve never used a choke or anything like it, and wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Sorry for the long post and lack of information. I’m trying to piece together as much as I can. I was able to access one of the non-functioning radios to see if I could figure out the wiring but am not very experienced with electronics. Also, I can’t find much info online on wiring the David Clark headset stations. I did find a note from whoever installed the radio, that listed which colored wire went to which terminal. I was hoping to get some assistance and advise from you all. Thanks in advance.

Here is what I have so far:
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Not sure if it helps but here are the links to the equipment we are using:

Headset Adapter for Icom IC-A110 (OPC-871) - MyPilotStore.com


May 26, 2007
Thunder Bay, ON. Canada
What you are using is the best option. The A110 is rated for -22 -> +140 F and the adapter plugs that connect inside the radio are fairly cheap and replaceable in less than 5 minutes if they break. We use to use the same setup for de-icing trucks in Canada in temps from -50 -> +40 C temps and other than breaking the audio adapters we had no issues. Now we use Microair hard wired radios with fully mounted plugs in the cab and in the bucket of the boom. We went that route because they have built in intercom features that allowed us to eliminate the 1800 dollar DC intercom unit. Let me know if you want more info, You already have all the info required to hardwire.
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