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Jan 30, 2005
Summerville, SC
I was wondering if you could help me decide what to purchase for my needs.

Here’s the scenario:

Charleston County, SC public services (Police, Fire, EMS, etc.) had moved to the new APCO P25 system. Other localities are rumored to be in the process of switching as well.

I want to monitor this system, but I’d also like to be able to log all the data pertaining to what channels, talk groups, etc are active (as much data as I can), as well as record the conversations on a pc server in order to archive them and play them back at a later time. As a bonus, I would also like to be able to re-broadcast the channels via a web site as well.

I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while now but with so many different radios and software packages on the market, I'm confused as to which would be best for my needs.

Any help or recommendation would be greatly appreciated.

David Farr, Sysop
The Information Exchange Network BBS
North Charleston, SC

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Jul 22, 2002
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Let's start by narrowing your view a bit - note that anything in blue (and in the wiki, underlined) is a link...


Now, since you wish to log talkgroups and so forth, that eliminates the PRO-96 and 2096 from consideration, as their firmware won't allow it. I wouldn't recommend getting the BC250 and 785 since rebanding is around the corner (although as I'll mention in a moment, it might be time to do a little homework with fellow SC scannists...).

That leaves the BC296, 796, BCD996 and BCD396 in the Uniden market, and the PSR-500 and 600 in the GRE market.

If we're talking all in one packages, then ProScan fits the bill, although it doesn't support the 396 (yet). For the PSR scanners, Win500 from Don Starr fits the bill. Each of the model numbers in the article above leads to a specific article for that scanner; and each of those articles have all the links for the software I've mentioned.

I'm sure others have used scanners with seperate packages (using one for control, logging, and another one for Icecast, Shoutcast, Teamspeak, ect.). We have a dedicated Streaming forum here on RR, as well as a dedicated SC forum where you might get some more directed information.

In addition, we have a wiki article on setting up TeamSpeak, and one that lists regional-based Yahoo scanning groups, and one on online scanners - all potential sources of information. URLs to follow....

73 Mike

[edit] Here we go - always a good idea to see what other folks in your area are using - it gives you an idea of the advantages and pitfalls before you plunk down your green stuff (or plastic).






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Jun 13, 2002
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If you are using one of the new Uniden digital scanners, then you might want to look at BCtool I haven't used the logging or recording features, but they do exist. The program is free, and the developer is continually upgrading it. There is also a Yahoogroups BCTool group for discussion, file sharing, and so on.

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