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Harris P25 CC audio/data drops out


Dec 19, 2002
Wichita Falls, TX
The city were I live has a Harris P25 simulcast system.

I noticed sometimes while running Unitrunker the "signal strength" bar graph will drop out. I thought this was strange because the scanner/Unitrunker location is less than a mile from one of the sites and it is strong enough to overpower the other simulcast sites so it's not a distortion issue.

I started listening to the control channel audio and found that every once in a while the audio (cc data stream) stops for up to a second or so and there is either a dead carrier or what sounds like a ~1200 Hz square wave type tone. I tried to record this but of course it won't happen when I want it to. The attached file has some very short dropouts and tone but it can last up to about 2 seconds.

The system has four transmit sites and another four or so receive sites. Site backhaul is by microwave. I don't know if there is any wire or fiber to backup the microwave paths.

The CC audio dropouts/tone appears to occur at random intervals and durations so I don't think it is some type of simulcast alignment function. I can't tell if this is happening on all four transmit sites at the same time. Could the CC audio dropping out be a result of the controller failing or losing contact with sites? Has anybody else seen anything like this?


  • WF_P25_cc_dropout.zip
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Aug 4, 2004
I've had that happen with Motorola simulcast systems as well. Same scenario, very close to a tower. Didn't listen to any CC audio, just noticed the signal strength go from 99% to 0%, then back.


Premium Subscriber
Oct 27, 2007
Northern Passaic County, NJ
The dropouts could be affiliations, rttx, or any number of CC functions. The tone could be timing signals. I'll have to listen to mine when I get I to work on Monday.