Harrison ( Hudson County )


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Mar 1, 2004
Harrison, New Jersey
Information is slowly leaking out on the future communications for Harrison NJ which is currently on VHF analog for Police and UHF analog for Fire.
try to follow this logic if you can, they are seeking Bergen County Communications to take over their dispatching I guess if animal control is working why not public safety, the town will find other jobs in town for their current dispatchers which are excellent by the way, they would use the State 700 system (not Bergen County TRS) to communicate with Police, Fire, and St Clares EMS which work on the fire band, and yes the Police goes to big E, another agency bits the dust. DPW remains on their current UHF repeater. those with questions and comments are welcome but there are a lot of questions I have which I can't find the answers too as of yet, stay tuned this should be interesting in the months to come.