Hatzolah EMS - NY/NNJ Metro listeners.

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Feb 24, 2001
Attention: Hatzolah EMS - NY/NNJ Metro listeners.

I need your to help confirm if this feed is picking up C Base - Catskill’s dispatch.
The times when I do monitor this feed, I have yet to hear C-Base, it could be my timing or simply the scanner is not receiving them.

Some Background info:

NYC Hatzolah has a number of remote base transmitters located throughout NYC and especially on high mountain locations in South Eastern NY State namely:
· Liberty-Sullivan Co.
· Ellenville-Ulster Co.
· Fishkill-Putnam Co.
· Warwick and Blooming Grove-Orange Co.
The 2 dispatch centers H Base (NYC) and C Base (Catskills) can activate these remote bases individually and or tie/ patch two or more remote bases for simulcast depending on need and area to be covered.

Here is my dilemma.
If the remote base(s) are not simulcast i.e. transmitting at the same time and the Hatzolah C Base is transmitting from the remote bases individually there is a very good chance from my location’s receiver and external antenna and thus this feed in NOT hearing i.e. receiving the more distant remote base locations.

However, I should have no problem receiving the
Warwick site. Warwick is line-of-sight to my receiver's antenna. That is only if C Base patches in to the Warwick remote base.
For more information please also seed the “additional details page” of the feed.

So if you are hearing C-BASE / Catskills Dispatch clearly on this feed, please post reply and or notify me at nynnj_hatzolah_feed@verizon.net

Thank You
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