Having problem with my Pro 96

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Oct 4, 2007
Okay, I need some help, so I thought this would be the best place to come to. I recently bought a Pro 96, I subscribed to RR Premium so I could get downloads for my scanner. I have a 20-047 cable I bought with my Pro 97 scanner and I also bought Win 96 from Don Starr. I am having some problems with this scanner that I didn't have programming my 97. The scanner is able to upload to the computer with the cable but it won't accept frequencies from the Win96 program. Says that it expected to be able to read back info but was not able to. Am trying to figure out why this is. The guy I bought it from installed Scan Cat Lite, which I don't like, would rather install my own frequency list, theirs just isn't good enough for my tastes. I programmed my 97 with this cable and Win97 and have LOTS of things to listen to. The RS website says that this cable will work for this scanner but I am not so sure, can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong here and how to fix it?

Update: Never mind guys, sorry, I found out what the problem was. The same thing that happened with the Pro 97 program the first time I tried to use it. I was set on the wrong com port, once I changed it, it started to work fine......
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