Heads up ... Bloomington area

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Dec 19, 2002
Cincinnati, Ohio
Just FYI for anyone in the Bloomington area ... From Monday 14 July through Saturday 19 July the National Law Enforcement Exploring Conference will be held on the campus of Indiana University.Expect law enforcement vehicles from across the nation along with radio traffic on local systems as well as a multitude of federal frequencies.

The week long conference uses local and federal resources / agencies for demonstrations, scenarios the explorers will compete in, and other event related traffic/situations. The FBI, US Marshal's Office (including their Special Operations Group), Secret Service, CBP (ICE and Border Patrol), Postal Inspectors, DEA, Air Marshals, ATFE, National Park Service Law Enforcement and National Park Police will be present. In years past the US Air Force was also involved by providing medical staff for the week.

Also on Friday about midday there will be some sort of demonstration involving local, state, and federal agencies. In years past this involved the use of Air Force aircraft, a US Marshals Special Operations Group deployment scenario, and the ATFE demonstrating various types explosions (gasoline, TNT, C4, etc).

That's all I have and while I'm there I will be busy and unable to provide any further updates.

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