heard something in Central Jersey


Sep 1, 2009
Visiting family in Tinton Falls,NJ I heard on an old analog scanner on 859.2125 Mhz ,a bunch of analog stuff that sounded like it was state police based ,but I also heard what sounded like state road maintenance ,etc.
All on same frequency , all in the clear ,sometimes only hearing one side of conversation. Never talking over each other ,etc.
I own no trunk scanner ,my question ,what was this , the service and transmitter location/s and do they have analog services that act similar to digital trunking ,changing frequencies ,etc.???
This sounded like it was doing that at times, since I only heard one side of conversation at times. Other times I'd hear both sides.
I never heard the usual "odd sounding noises " you'd hear on an analog scanner with trunking ,this stuff was all analog in the clear audio. I even heard a mention one time for Trenton Dispatch.
Any ideas what this was ?

Looking forward to a response, Thank You