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Hearing Detroit in Novi... What Gives?

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Aug 17, 2003
Farmington, Michigan
Hey all.

I have been reading a few posts on the new Detroit System... and the issue with receiving it.

I had a trip down to downtown Detroit on Saturday, and so I got my 396 ready. I decided (due to all the mentioned issues) to program ALL freqs (not just the control channels)... figured it couldn't hurt.

Anyway, it worked GREAT in downtown Detroit... very active (to be expected). I was actually using the Radio Shack "RaceTrack" stubby antenna, since the scanner was in my pocket.... and it was working excellent.

When I got home (Novi... 8 mile and Haggerty area)... I decided to see if I would have any luck with Detroit... I switched to my Radio Shack 800mhz Rubber Ducky antenna... and BINGO - I was receiving Detroit... still pretty well.

I have tried this several times between Sat evening and today... each time with success...

So what gives? I assume my scanner isn't "special" or anything.... has anyone else had this luck? From what I hear, most out there can only receive it while in the city.

Any thoughts...

(also, if you have any questions to my setup, programming, etc... let me know)



Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Feb 3, 2001
Lansing, MI
It's not distance related - the coverage is set up specifically to not range far outside the city limits. If it does in some spots, consider yourself lucky.
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