Hellenic (Greek) Scanners

Feb 24, 2018
Greece, Crete

I would like to ask for some big favors.
First of all, I can’t seem to find any resources on Police-Fire-EMS , Federal-side frequencies in Greece. If you can provide those, please, can you also suggest me a compatible radio?

Also, there was a guy in the past, Mr. @spiz2013 [profile] that hosted the Patras Police, Fire and EMS scanner, which in 2018 went off , until today, without any notice or update. Could you please contact me, or anybody else that knows and operates a scanner in Patra, please?

Finally, there was another guy, unknown name, that operated the Chania - West Police-Fire-EMS scanner in Crete, that also is out from 2018. Can you also please contact me , or somebody else that operates a scanner there, please?

Thanks guys and be safe!