Hello from Romania

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Nov 25, 2011
Romania Cluj-Napoca
I recently bought two ERICSSON Orion D2PLS2 and one ERICSSON M-RK PK2PEE. I bought them without antennas except the handheld which was a little damaged one. I powered them without keying the mic. They light up and seemed to be working OK, this being said without verifying the emission.
The person from which I bought them told me that the M-rk was paired with an Orion one and the other is brand new. Now I want to use all three of them being able to communicate with each-other. I don`t know on what freq. they operate and I don't know what antenna should I buy . There are big chances not to work at all without prior programming . Does anyone know on what freq they are working? I would like to use them with their full potential , not just classic way but with EDACS and so on.
If they should be programmed, what is the latest software for them ( on Windows platform)? What software should I use? By programming them can I use them on other freq. ?
Not open for further replies.