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May 25, 2020
I'm a premium member, been listening for over 5 years.
I listen to Rutherford County NC.
For the last 4 days there has been no audio.
Other feeds work fine.
It says there are listeners, several others have also said they can no longer hear the feed, though. So the "listeners" just have the feed up & playing hoping it comes back on (like me).
I've submitted several reports, no response.

This happened 2 weeks ago also. I posted here & it came back on 2 hrs later 😁😁 sooooo hear I am again.

I've tried all the things, different devices, different browser, log out, log in, restart, uninstall, install, report....etc.

Others who listen to this feed who are in that area have reached out saying they can no longer hear it either.
I understand it's a volunteer thing. I pay for this & if the only feed I listen to is going to disappear then I have to find another way to listen. I'd think that someone would notify the listeners if the feed they listen to is having issues.
I'm not at all familiar with frequencies & how this all works. I just know I click on the app & there's my feed.
If anyone can help PLEASE let me know. Thanks

This is the feed info:

Rutherford County Sheriff, Fire and EMS

Rutherford County VIPER system. Sheriff, Forest City PD, RPD, NCSHP Troop G, Fire, & EMS

Location: Rutherford County, North Carolina, United States
Details provided by the provider of this feed (on their feed's page on

Broadcasting VIPER feeds for Rutherford County, North Carolina. Broadcasting from Spindale VIPER tower. Control frequency is 853.850.

Rutherford EMS 41001
Rutherford Fire 41002
Rutherford Sheriff 41003
Rutherfordton PD 41013
Forest City PD 41020
NCSHP Troop G 52198

Using SDRtrunk (GitHub - DSheirer/sdrtrunk: A cross-platform java application for decoding, monitoring, recording and streaming trunked mobile and related radio protocols using Software Defined Radios (SDR). Website:) and (3) RTL-SDR R820T2/RTL2832U USB SDRs


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