Help identifying old VHF receiver.

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Jan 23, 2003
Yorktown, Virginia
There are a couple of threads in the general forum on what was your first scanner or when did you first start listening.

They got me to thinking about the various public service radios or scanners I've owned over the years.

Most I can pretty readily identify. I had one that I cannot recall who made it or its model number.

These are the characteristics that I recall about it. If anyone recalls the receiver jump in.

1. The radio was VHF hi band only.
2. The radio had three receive positions. Two crystal slots and the third to a capicitor tuner that ran from 148 to 173 MHz.
3. The unit ran on 12VDC with a three prong female recepticle on the rear.
4. The antenna was a PL 259.
5. It was about 1.5" high, 5" wide, and 6-7" deep.
6. The volume control (on off switch) was on the same shaft as the squelch.

I think it finally quit working, I had moved onto 'real' scanners with better selectivity and sensitity (this radio could pick up a transmitter sitting next to it, after that, it was pretty poor), so I threw it away.

Now I'd just like to know what it was.

Many thanks folks.
Not open for further replies.