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Help with 2010 Siverado setup

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Dec 28, 2004
I would like to ask for some help, advice or any
suggestions regarding setting my truck up with a scanner and an antenna.I have searched past threads and have done some digging around in the forums to try to come up with a solid plan of attack but still can't
quite find anything that seems appropriate for me.

I have a BCD396XT and until now have used a Radio Shack mag mount
attached to the trunk of my Honda with the cable routed through the
backseat pass-through opening, up between the front seats next to the
center console. Then up to my scanner attached to a clip on one of the
front dash air vents. Worked Great. I'm sticking with the handheld for
now but plan on getting the 996 after I pay for some other upgrades
being done to the truck. So I do want to go with a permanent antenna
mount and a clean cable run to the scanner.

I am confused by the antenna options I have read about and although I am
fairly handy with tools and can handle my own with the mechanical side
of things. I have never really fully understood the technical side of
radio and haven't taken the time to fully educate myself with the
subject quite like I could. So any assistance in choosing one would be
appreciated. I understand different antennas serve different purposes
and witch one I choose depends on what I listen too.

I live up in the hills of Hayward,Ca and listen to my local P.D. and Fire Dept primarily,
with the Alameda County 800 system usually on also. I am fairly
fortunate with my location being able to get a pretty decent coverage of every city
from San Jose to up past Oakland and San Francisco. When I am at home I
use a rubber duck or a Radio Shack Discone when at my desk and my only gripe would be the spotty reception I get with CHP.

While driving, improved reception of CHP would be a plus, but I also use the Clsoe Call feature quite heavily and would not want to hurt its performance just to improve the CHP's

Sorry, this post was originally going to be where to mount an antenna on my truck. Guess I need to find out what antenna I'll be using first.
Please move to antenna forum. Thank you.
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