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Help with Alinco DJ-X10K

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Aug 22, 2006
I would first like to say that, I have just started viewing this Site, and am overcome with all the very knowledgeable and courteous members on this site.
I’ll look forward to reading any comments that you may have.

I purchased a brand new Alinco DJ-X10K Spent $479 + tax.
I am finding it hard to listen to anything.
I live in the London, Ontario. I just found out that the Police and other Public Departments all use an encrypting signal.
I am really having a hard time trying to pick up any thing.
I want to listen to as much as I can, but not having very much luck.
I drove all the way to Toronto to pick this up, I hope that I did not waste my time and money.

Any sort of help would be appreciated.
Any Good freqs would be nice.

PS. Whats your opioun of this Radio, if you own one?

Not open for further replies.