Help with an old crystal scanner enthusiast!


Feb 3, 2003
Talking Rock, GA
I have enjoyed scanners, two-way radios for over 40 years dating back to my first scanner a Sears/Regency 4 crystal portable scanner. I've dabbled with a bit of programming the older digital scanners, trunking groups/ID's etc. With that, I'm aware that scanning LE,Fire is almost non-existent these days with the digital/encryption. I'm in the Cherokee county (north GA) and wanted to get back into scanning something worthy or interesting these days and explore the hobby again. So, I wanted to reach out to the community and see if any advice or recommendations could be sent my way. With that, I think I wanted to explore and ask if I could monitor some Air traffic with an emphasis on MedeVac air transport helicopters. Is that still an option? I do have a strong interest in the Air Medical transport since I formerly worked in that industry. Is there anything around the North Metro Atlanta, Northwest GA that can be enjoyed. If so, can someone recommend a radio that would suffice for this? Thanks for any advice, I do miss the hobby and have "kind of" paid attention to the ever changing dynamic environment of how the radios are getting better and better but the limitations are getting more and more.