Help with outputting same signal on both TX ports

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Mar 16, 2012
Hello here t RR

I am currently working on an USRP RFID project, where I'm using an RFID package to read tags. I want to modify the package to being not only transmitting on TX on one daughterboard, but the same signal on the other daughterboard. Hence same output on both A and B TX side. Further more i need to be able to change the RF frequency, making a modulation frequency spacing of the A and B side, but still transmit the same message signal. So i have a setup where they transmit in the same carrier frequency, and one where there are frequency spacing, to investigate how the rfid reader system reacts.

My initial though is to make changes in the FPGA code, to ease the processing requirements on the host computer, and the USB interface. Thus implementing some Tx FIFO buffer repeat cycle, that then latches the same information to both Tx A and Tx B. Then i could set the RF frequency from my python script.

Is this a way to go, or am i of the map here?

Any ideas of how this could be done easy and still keep the processing power requirements low, as the latency requirements for Gen 2 rfid tags are reaching there limits already.

Also I am uncertain if this is posting in the correct section of this forum.

Finally I someone has a good reference to other forums, where USRP and SDR is the main subjects, then please post links :)

thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.