Help with ScannerCast unstable metadata feed

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Apr 15, 2017
Largo, FL
Hello everyone, I just started a new feed for my area and I've encountered a problem. The metadata feed attached to my audio feed isn't stable. My audio feed is good and stable, but when I start my feed, the Tags are send and is received by the Broadcastify mobile app. But after about a minute or so the metadata feed stops. The audio feed continues as normal.

Using a Whistler WS1040 Scanner (GRE-500 family) date code 1-17, ScannerCast RR Edition V0.14 (10307) (current).

In ScannerCast... Checked GRE-500/600, Control Port COM8 (COM1 Doesn't work at all), speed is default and not selectable, Tag Format is TGRP (TSYS+TGRP doesn't fix), both Tag Formatting fields are left blank (Default).

Under the Advanced Tab, the Diagnostic Information shows what my scanner screen is showing until the metadata feed stops. At that time it shows "Not communicating with scanner", but will show a flash of my scanner display every 8 "packets" or so. (quickly flash once every 1-2 seconds). The Status Tab shows "Scanner Connection: OK" until metadata feed stops, then flashes between "not communicating with scanner" and "OK". ScannerCast status at bottom is always "Running..."

Things to note...tried restarting everything, I closed all other programs that that use the port for the scanner, I tried RadioCast and its unhappy also, Win500 is very reliable using the port talking to the scanner, I'm using the "Whistler" cable that came with the scanner and I can't find updated drivers for it. The light on the cable that shows activity stays blinking all the time when its functional or not, when its trying to get metadata.

I have found that if I stop and start communication by 1. pressing the "Suspend sending tags" 2. unplug the data cable from the scanner and plugging it back in or 3. stopping and restarting the feed, will fix the problem for the 1 minute or so then bug out.

Scanner settings are Default.

Thanks in advance.
Not open for further replies.