Help. WS1098. Unable to Receive Digital Signals

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Mar 5, 2017
Jane Lew, WV
I'm hoping that someone could help me out here. I live in Lewis County WV and Law Enforcement here recently upgraded their radios to Digital. From what I read it's P25 Phase 1. So I purchased a Whistler 1098 from and it seems like a nice scanner radio. Up until now I've owned conventional scanners but this is my first digital trunking scanner. I installed the EZ Scan software on my laptop, the first thing it did was update the database. After that I Selected "Library Import", then for import type I selected "Preferred", The "West Virginia", data type "Counties/Cities", then "Lewis County", data type "Categories", then "Public Safety", selected all sub categories and finally imported them. After that there are a ton of talk groups listed in the Scanlist Tab. I copy the config to the SD card and put the SD card in the scanner. Now the scanner picks up all the conventional frequencies (Fire, EMS) but does not pick up any digital (LAW) at all. What am I doing wrong? Any Ideas???
Not open for further replies.