Henrico July 4th @ Meadow Farm Park

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Jan 10, 2004
Richmond, VA
Got to blow my horns with a local big band for the big Henrico fireworks/laser show last night. Loggings are a little limited due to the logistics of actually being on the job.

Henrico Rec & Parks had trunked system radios and I saw talk on them, but none of their talkgroups showed up on the TRX. Their trunked radios were on belts with holsters and handheld mics, and I saw some yellow faceplates. This makes me think that they might've been cache radios issued by the Henrico command post. Most of their talk was on what looked like cheapo VHF handhelds. Never found anything but MURS, so...

151.820 [d703] - "Ch-1" Appeared to be park people actually working with buildings on-site, providing chairs for VIP areas, etc.
151.880 [d712] - used so little, I never figured out its purpose
151.940 [d723] - busiest channel. Carried some admin traffic, and instructions for parking lot shuttles.
461.2625 [d023] - RMC Events - covered parking ops. They do this for a number of local events and this freq & tone generally go along with them.
154.570 [d732] - appeared to be production crew. Not sure whether for the stage, fireworks or laser show. I know that the stage production crew was Soundworks.

Because of other projects, I was scanning just about everything on VHF high band that you'd find in a non-government radio, and this is all I found. Never got to really search UHF. Just scanned the usual freqs for Motorola/Kenwood/Baofeng off-the-shelf radios.

Didn't catch that much on the Henrico trunked system. There was some hanging up, as the TRX would capture the Richmond CC and the Richmond voice freqs didn't treat it as well as Henrico's. Should've thought to lock out the Richmond & Chesterfield sites for this event.

20128 - Countywide 2 - used by Henrico Police for traffic control. Crowd estimates approached 10,000, and on-site parking became saturated, so there was lots of traffic as teams tried to keep surrounding roads operable.
20144 - Countywide 3 - appeared to be high-level event admin.

Saw a number of people in orange shirts with UHF radios. This turned out to be staff for the Richmond Symphony. They're licensed for 5 freqs in the 452/457 range. I was only able to check these freqs after my performance was over and my equipment was secure. Had to leave before their performance was over, but maybe better luck (and planning) next time.

73/Allen (N4JRI)
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