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Henry County, IA

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Dec 22, 2004
Marion/Johnson County, IN
Does anyone have info about Henry County radio operations?

I found that the dispatcher's radio transmissions are simulcast over both of these two frequencies:
155.070 KNEQ823
153.815 WPMT956 (repeater)
The officer's replies back are not simulcast, only the dispatcher's side is simulcast on 155.070 and 153.815

What freq does Mt Pleasant PD dispatch on?

I heard 453.375 (146.2) while near Middletown. I think it may have been KNFH917 Mt Pleasant Correctional Facility repeater. If not, then I was hearing the Iowa State Penitentiary in Ft Madison.

For adventuresome trunktracker listeners, I have picked up 856.8375 and 857.8375 as EDACS frequencies for Ameren's Mt Pleasant site WNVL474 . I've noted both as having been control channel frequencies on separate occasions. Unfortunately, I haven't identified the LCN #s.
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