Henry County New P25 Phase 2 System (Intended For MTS2000des)

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Jan 5, 2012
Im back in henry countys area erik (MTS2000des) & have their new system in my TRX-1 Scanner but its not receiving anything on the TGs that are listed as "NOT ENCRYPTED" or listed as below. Im curious if the encryption is 100% or 50/50% cause ive heard traffic on the transit TG but fire/ems remains silent, SO/PD is silent & thats another question...ive got the scanner set to sound out the garbled transmitting of audio but it remains silent & doesn't even stop on a encrypted talk-group. Ive shared this as a public discussion in the forum in case anyone else has this question & also my previous thread on henry cty was closed by an Admin. See the table below as to the labeling of encrypted/open talk groups. TE means encrypted but a lonely T means it should be open but its not even garbled on either so im lost. Thanks from N4DDY

Fire & EMS Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
529 211 TE HCFD DISP Henry County Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
531 213 T HCFD OPS 1 Henry County Fire Operations 1 Fire-Talk
532 214 T HCFD OPS 2 Henry County Fire Operations 2 Fire-Talk
533 215 T HCFD OPS N Henry County Fire Ops North Fire-Talk
534 216 T HCFD OPS S Henry County Fire Ops South Fire-Talk
545 221 T HCFD MAINT Henry County Fire Supply and Maintenance Fire-Talk
561 231 T HCFD TAC 1 Henry County Fire Tactical 1 Fire-Tac
562 232 T HCFD TAC 2 Henry County Fire Tactical 2 Fire-Tac
563 233 T HCFD TAC 3 Henry County Fire Tactical 3 Fire-Tac
564 234 T HCFD TAC 4 Henry County Fire Tactical 4 Fire-Tac
565 235 T HCFD TAC 5 Henry County Fire Tactical 5 Fire-Tac
537 219 T HFCD TAC Henry County Fire Tactical Fire-Tac
540 21c T HCFD FIRE NET Henry County Fire Patch to State Fire Net Interop
577 241 TE MFD DISP McDonough Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch
539 21b T PIEDMONT HCMC Piedmont Henry County Med Center Hospital

Law Enforcement Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
321 141 TE HCSO DISP Henry County Sheriff Dispatch Law Dispatch
353 161 TE HCPD DISP C Henry County Police Dispatch - Central Law Dispatch
273 111 TE HCPD DISP N Henry County Police Dispatch - North Law Dispatch
274 112 TE HCPD DISP S Henry County Police Dispatch - South Law Dispatch
307 133 TE HCPD OPS Henry County Police Operations Law Talk
308 134 TE HCPD EVENT Henry County Police Events Law Talk
401 191 TE HCPD TALK 1 Henry County Police Talk 1 Law Talk
322 142 T HCSO WARRANT Henry County Sheriff Warrants Law Talk
305 131 TE LGPD DISP Locust Grove Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
337 151 TE MPD DISP McDonough Police Dispatch Law Dispatch
282 11a TE HCPD NET Henry County Sheriff Patch to State Law Net Law Talk
433 1b1 TE HCSO BALIFF Henry County Sheriff Court Baliffs Corrections
417 1a1 TE HCDOC CONTROL Henry County Corrections Control Corrections
418 1a2 TE HCDOC ALPHA Henry County Corrections Alpha Corrections
419 1a3 TE HCDOC BRAVO Henry County Corrections Bravo Corrections
420 1a4 TE HCDOC JAIL 1 Henry County Corrections Jail 1 Corrections
421 1a5 TE HCDOC JAIL 2 Henry County Corrections Jail 2 Corrections

Public Works Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
785 311 T HCDOT DISP Henry County DOT Dispatch Public Works
786 312 T HCDOT SOUTH Henry County DOT South Public Works
788 314 T HCDOT CENTRAL Henry County DOT Central Public Works
789 315 T HCDOT NORTH Henry County DOT North Public Works
792 318 T HCDOT OPS Henry County DOT Operations Public Works
833 341 T HCCE ANIMAL Henry County Animal Control Public Works
834 342 T HCCE CODES Henry County Code Enforcement Public Works
838 346 T HCTA TRANSIT Henry County Transit Authority Public Works
840 348 T HCPW MAINT 1 Henry County Maintenance 1 Public Works
841 349 T HCPW MAINT 2 Henry County Maintenance 2 Public Works
842 34a T HCPW MAINT 3 Henry County Maintenance 3 Public Works
843 34b T HCPW MAINT 4 Henry County Maintenance 4 Public Works
849 351 T HCPW PARKS Henry County Parks Department Public Works
850 352 T HCPW BUILDING Henry County Building Maintenance Public Works
852 354 T HCPW GARAGE Henry County Garage Public Works
820 334 T HPW OPS 1 Hampton Public Works Public Works
801 321 T SPW OPS 1 Stockbridge Public Works 1 Public Works
802 322 T SPW OPS 2 Stockbridge Public Works 2 Public Works
803 323 T SPW OPS 3 Stockbridge Public Works 3 Public Works
804 324 T SPW OPS 4 Stockbridge Public Works 4 Public Works
805 325 T SPW OPS 5 Stockbridge Public Works 5 Public Works
806 326 T SPW OPS 6 Stockbridge Public Works 6 Public Works
807 327 T SPW OPS 7 Stockbridge Public Works 7 Public Works
808 328 T SPW OPS 8 Stockbridge Public Works 8 Public Works
809 329 T SPW OPS 9 Stockbridge Public Works 9 Public Works

Unidentified Talkgroups

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
278 116 T TGRP 278 Talkgroup 278 Other
306 132 T TGRP 308 Talkgroup 308 Other
845 34d T TGRP 845 Talkgroup 845 Other


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Jan 8, 2018
Henry County uses full encryption however initially on the new systems roll out (new Harris P25 Phase 2) they did have some problems. You can hear EMS in the open sometimes however it is normally just dispatch, the units are silent. I have been close to a few county SO units during transmit and have noticed at least with a few cars the radio ID on transmit is the car number. I am not sure if this is county wide or I just got lucky. I will assume this is only for mobile radios mounted in the cars and no HTs each deputy carries. I will also assume the radio ID and the deputies unit number (dispatch ID) are different. I do have to admit, I have scanned many many public safety systems and even work in public safety and this system is interesting.
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