Hey all

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Jan 16, 2012
Seattle, WA
I've been lurking for a bit and using the frequency lists on this site so I thought I'd sign up and say hi. I've had an old Bearcat III for years that my grandmother gave me when it broke. I fixed it and it continues to work to this day, not a whole lot on those frequencies anymore but I like watching the LEDs zipping along on my shelf.

More recently radio in general piqued my interest and I picked up some newer scanners, a Pro-2004, 2006, and 2052, definitely a big step up, I remember drooling over the 2004 in magazines when I was a kid and it was still fairly new and far beyond anything I could afford. Despite the general trend towards digital trunking, there is still no shortage of action to listen to here in the Seattle area.

My current related project is replicating the CE-232, the details of which were published in Bill Cheek's last book. The printing in my copy of the book skewed the PCB layout making it useless so I've replicated it using modern PCB CAD software. I located the original software and scrounged all the other bits and pieces, I'll post the results once I have a chance to cook up a board and build it.
Not open for further replies.