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HF Milair multiple radios

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Dec 15, 2000
New Braunfels, TX
Originally posted by Al Stern:
It is Wed, 5:12pm EDT (2112z).
"Undulate" is doing multiple radio checks on MARS freq 13927.1 MHz USB
with MARS Operator AFA1EN. Undulate says he is near the US East Coast; AFA1EN is
in Indiana. Both are Lima Charlie here in Florida. Undulate gets checks on his four HF radios

Note the aircraft has four HF radios giving redundancy and the ability to monitor more than one critical frequency at a time.


Feb 8, 2005
the aircraft? how do you know he's in an aircraft, and how do you know he has 4 radios?

just curious


Jun 3, 2004
Not to answer for n4vo but Al Stern is well known for his HF utility logs and
monitoring reports - I've been using his logs for many years as an excellent and
accurate source of frequency and HF info.
MARS 13927 rotutinely has milair comms active and Al is reporting that he heard Undulate actually do comm checks with AFA1EN on Undulates four HF radios.
Most likely Undulate is a known and established callsign\military aircraft from previous logs and monitoring or stated during the comm checks that he was an aircraft near the east coast - typical position reporting for a comm check.

Actually even if I saw an Al Stern post\log that he heard aliens on frequency _____, I'd be making my aluminum foil hat with one hand while tuning with the other...he's very good.
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