High Altitude Balloon Launch - 4/28/12 Maricopa

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Feb 20, 2001
I'm from California and came across info on a high altitude balloon launch set for 4/28/12 at the University of Arizona in Maricopa, AZ

Arizona Near Space Research

Here's a brief clip from the site. Sorry if this is already known.

"The balloon will be a 3000-gram weather balloon, filled with helium. The expected burst altitude will be 90,000 feet or more. The flight is anticipated to last about 2.5 hours from launch to touchdown.

The balloon will carry ten student-built payload packages containing a variety of scientific apparatus as well as digital cameras to photo-document the flight. This flight is part of the NAU and Arizona Space Grant "Changes in Altitude" program. This project involves six elementary, Middle and High Schools from across Arizona. We thank NAU and AZ Space Grant for helping us fulfill our goal of "Promoting Science and Education through Amateur Radio and High Altitude Balloons."

APRS Beacons will transmit position information as follows: KA7NSR-11 and KA7NSR-12 both on 445.950 MHz, KA7NSR-13 on 144.34 MHZ

The ANSR Cross-Band Repeater will operate with an input frequency of 145.56 MHz with a 162.2 Hz tone, and an output of 445.525 MHz. While contacts (especially DX) are welcome, please give priority to chase team members. It is planned to place the repeater on IRLP node 9256. "
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