High-speed chase in south OKC

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Aug 10, 2007
Bethany, OK
Interesting! Don't hear these too often... Yukon tried to perform a traffic stop, and they ran. FAST! I-40 to Meridian, down Meridian to Airport Road, onto I-240, did a couple laps of 240, currently northbound on Shields. Think one of the OHP units is going to try to Pitt the car.

Hit 110 on the highways, running 80MPH on the surface streets. Ouch.

OHP has 3-4 units, OCPD just joined the fun, and Yukon's officer is still tagging along as well. (He passed primary to OHP when they hit 240.)

Edit: Now (8:05 PM) westbound, Harvey & SW 29th. Now, that's a tough place to go fast in, but still going 80MPH...!

Turned north on Kentucky, now east on SW25th. They think they saw him throw something out of the car.

This guy is running an amazing number of red lights. OCPD is blocking some intersections, but how he's managing not to hit anyone yet... Ah, up to 100MPH again on Walker.

Now into Bricktown. And they just Pitted the car. In custody at 8:12 PM.

Oh, and it was a woman driver - FWIW...
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