Hill County Frequency

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Jan 24, 2004
Waco, Texas
Today, while traveling down IH35, I heard 155.5425 come in with a DPL of 132. This sounded off frequency. I must admit, I forgot how to tune it up or down to see what frequency it was on my PSR 500. When I looked at the VHF frequencies in the surrounding counties, I found the exact frequency listed for Mexia, but it was listed with a different tone. Furthermore, I was receiving 5 bars.

So, I looked at the closest frequency I could find in the area. 155.55 for Hill County SO was the one I suspected. In my opinion, they have changed this frequency to a DPL of 132.

Although I will be traveling back on IH35, it won't be in the immediate future. I intend to load this frequency with the associated DPL & see what surfaces.

If anyone is in the area, I would appreciate some feedback.
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