Home Patrol Signal Strength Issue

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Database Administrator
Database Admin
Jan 6, 2005
I do a great deal listening to the local 'site' of Illinois' Starcom 21 P25 trunked system via my HP-1's trunked discovery feature. A few weeks (or so) ago someone posted something on this forum or the HP-1 community that helped me do something (via the radio's controls) to keep my HP-1's signal strength indicator from swinging from one extreme to the other but now I can't remember what that 'something' was. Since updating my database and favorites list, the signal strength indicator is once again swinging wildly from one extreme to another and my discovery transmissions seem to be fairly choppy at times. I am using the same antenna that I was when I seemed to have fixed this issue. Attenuator if off. I performed an RF power plot of the control channel and it does not seem to be varying a great deal from a roughly 75% signal strength. I even tried eliminating all frequencies other than the control channel and changing antennas but the signal indicator is still swinging wildly from zero to four bars.

Anyone have any ideas or tricks that might get my signal indicator to a more even level?

Not open for further replies.