Homebrew AM Broadcaster/Reciever

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Apr 8, 2009
alright so i've got this idea for a guitar effects pedal where the signal goes through a crystal oscillator at 1mhz and in the same pedal a reciever is housed to pick up the same frequency but use a tuner (variable capacitor or pot) and a volume pot to mess with the signal. im new to circuitry but have been researching it a bit and found a schematic for a crystal oscillator (just the oscillator, 9v, audio transformer, and an input) as well as a preamp to boost the signal. and i also found an am radio schematic with variable tuning and volume.

the trouble is is that i dont know how to wire the chain (input-->preamp-->oscillator-->reciever-->) in a way that can be turned on and off (true bypass) with a 3pdt switch. i want to be able to wire it in a way where when the chain is off it goes from the input to the output. but when the chain is on it goes through the same input and output but through the circuitry as well.
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