Hooked on radio..

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Apr 30, 2010
I have known about radio reference for awhile, and listened to a few streams of big cities but was disappointed to not be able to access my town..
Just today I came back via a friend who said he had an app for his phone with a scanner, and was delighted to see Huntsville Police feed!
Ever since I am hooked and have been listening all day and will continue to..
One question, I would LOVE to have an accurate listing of the police call codes.
I've found a couple web sights, and some of the codes seem accurate from what I can tell, but not all of them.
Anybody have a good list of the most common and verified call codes for Huntsville/Madison PD?
Thanks for what you guys do I really enjoy listening.

Also, one question on what the Huntsville channel picks up - m I missing on a lot of stuff happening in Madison? I know a lot of cops use Nextel but am I getting all broadcasts Madison and Huntsville?
Some clarification would be great.
Thanks again, look forward to hearing what you guys have to say.
Not open for further replies.