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Hooking CM300 to house siren


Oct 16, 2018
General Settings>Alerts>Call Alert Tone Duration>10 seconds
Accessories>GPIO Physical Pins>GPIO2>External Alarm/Horns and Lights, Active level High
Accessories>Horn and Lights>Alarm> Permanent Ext Alarm, Duration 10 Seconds, Delay 0
Control Buttons, unassign everything so nobody can screw with settings. This is just a personal preference.

Systems>QCII Systems> System Name is dealers choice, Call type is Call alert w/voice, Call format A-B/Long B
the rest of the settings here are whatever tones your department uses.

Since you say it activates on the radio itself, I would look at GPIO pin settings and your relay wiring which is most likely the problem.

Wiring for the relay goes red to pin 4. Red should be in tab on left. Black(ground) goes to pin 7. Black goes to right tab on relay. A jumper wire goes from this same to tab to bottom tab on relay. Top tab is the wire that goes to your PA system.

The bottom of the relay is the side with the screw tab on it.


Active Member
May 6, 2019
Niles, IL
I have a cm300 with the motorola relay kit to set off the station siren. radio alerts,wires are in pins 4 and 7,Radio will not trip relay
Where'd the relay come from (or what are its' spec's)? Maybe it takes a higher voltage or draws more current than the radio can handle...


Oct 3, 2004
Greene County New Yawk
General Settings>Alerts>Call Alert Tone Duration>10 seconds <<<< Nothing on this page of general settings to set this in software
Accessories>GPIO Physical Pins>GPIO2>External Alarm/Horns and Lights, Active level High <<<<Yes set to high
Accessories>Horn and Lights>Alarm> Permanent Ext Alarm, Duration 10 Seconds, Delay 0 <<<< yes and NO delay listed on this page of software
Relay is the standard motorola relay, Pin wiring and relay have been checked and are correct
The call alert is set to call alert only....maybe that's it....I'll try a reprogram with it changed


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Mar 27, 2016
I've had some CMs and CDMs have GPIO pins stop functioning. Reassigning the GPIO function to a different port and moving the pin on the connector to match was only way to fix it.