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Houston NASA repeater links?

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Oct 29, 2005
Years ago, here in Houston I used to be able to listen via my scanner to amateur repeaters that linked the audio feed from the space shuttle NASA TV.

Does anyone know if this still occurs? I love the idea of monitoring the shuttle activity on my scanner here in Houston!

Thanks in advance!



Jan 26, 2005
Navasota, TX.
shuttle audio retransmissions

For you folks that might be out and about, there are a few frequencies you
can listen to the NASA shuttle audio on.
For folks a few miles range of JSC, you can listen to 171.150 MHz.

For folks in the Houston area, you can listen to 444.300 MHz. Think this
repeater is in the Galleria area.

There is also a link on Dickinson using 446.025 MHz.

Think these amateur radio links are tied in through Echolink or IRLP.

Forgot to mention, 146.640 also retransmits shuttle audio. It is only on
when the shuttle gets off the ground.
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