How do switch between different trunked systems with Unitrunker?

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Aug 24, 2016
Herndon, VA
I've gotten Unitrunker set up to listen to one local multi-jurisdiction trunked system using two RTL-SDR dongles, DSD+, etc. All is working just fine and I've been enjoying listening. My question is now that I have the 2 "receivers" set up in Unitrunker (one for control, one for voice), what's the best way to go about listening to a different trunked system now? For example, I'd like to switch to listening to my state's statewide trunked system. I'm guessing that I can change the "park" channel on the signal receiver to the control channel of the new system I want to listen to. Then, assuming the decoding settings are correct for that system on both receivers, I can listen to that one, and switch the parked control channel back to listen to the first system again. On the other hand, maybe I can create a new pair of receivers for the new system and start those two instead of the other two when I want to listen (I don't see a way to "label" the receivers, so it would be hard to keep track of which system is which). Or maybe Unitrunker has some feature I'm not even aware of that handles this use case ...

Hopefully that all makes sense, LOL.
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