How Do You Set Up The Favorites Lists In Your HP-1 For ARMER?

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Apr 29, 2006
As posted above, I would be interested in hearing how people hear have set up their Favorites Lists for monitoring ARMER on their Uniden Home Patrol HP-1. I have mine configured by county and then I lock out all, or most, of the control channels EXCEPT for the ones that serve that particular county. For example, in Ramsey County, I have the Ramsey County Simulcast selected, but most of the other sites locked out. Then, as I enter other counties, I simply select the Favorites List for just that county. Also, I always run it in ID SEARCH mode, rather than ID SCAN mode, that way when new talkgroups are received I hear them.

Also, as far as Services go, I start out by listening to everything, but usually lock out most Metro Mobility and Metro Transit Talkgroups right away. I have found that the Service type is often incorrect. For example, a routine car to car talkgroup might be listed as SWAT, but it is not SWAT. I also have noticed that the ones listed as ENC are sometimes incorrect and are in the clear.

Anyway, enough about my method. How do you set up your Favorites Lists? If you are listening to ARMER, do you also scan non-ARMER or do you focus exclusively on ARMER?
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