How does a GPS device for the BCD396XT interface with the BC-RH96?

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Mar 16, 2009
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I rely heavily on the GPS feature on my BCD396XT.
I have read through the BC-RH96 Owner's Manual and it makes very little mention
in regards to GPS.
I don't want to make assumptions or guess how it may interface. In order for my
BC396XT to utilize GPS, the GPS unit needs to be plugged into the data port of
the scanner, and to my knowledge it only works at 4800 baud.

On page 12 of the BC-RH96 owner's manual, it says;
"The Remote Head has a data port (see BC-RH96 Connections) so you can update the
firmware using the data transfer cable provided with your scanner. Connect the
data transfer cable to this port on the bottom of the Remote Head. Connect the
other end to the DB9 serial port on your PC. This is the only purpose of this
Based on this instruction, my thought is plugging the GPS into the remote head
data port will not work.

On page 16 in the BC-RH96 owner's manual, it says;
"Apply power to your target scanner and set its Baud Rate to the highest

The highest baud rate setting on the scanner is 115,200, however when using a
GPS, you are only able to use the lowest baud rate setting of 4800. This is an
outdated but still standard setting for GPS devices.

So, what needs to be answered before I purchase (and I really want to), is how
this can be accomplished?


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Jul 22, 2007
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You will NOT be able to use both a GPS receiver AND a RH96 on the BCD396XT as they are using the same connector on the scanner and there is no port available on the RH96 ... The only port on the remote head is the one (3.5mm) used to connect to "uniden-proprietary" connector of the scanner.

Only with the BCD996T/XT you can use both, thanks to a serial port in the back of these units ... I used them both in my car with my BCD996T. From that configuration, in the settings, you have to configure port speed separately for the front (RH96 at 115200) and the back (GPS receiver at 4800) port.
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