how is multiselect handled on p25/phase-1/9600

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Dec 19, 2002
I must say as a scanner listener I prefer the smartnet/3600 systems so i can tune into the status bit/multiselected hot tones for some agencies without listening to all the other "fluff"..

does anyone know how p25/phase-1/9600 are handled on the scanner end?

lets say an agency multiselects 4 channels to simulcast a hot tone going out:

CH-1 not encrypted
CH-2 encrypted
CH-3 encrypted
CH-4 not encrypted

obviously the bcd-396t for example would not hear the hot tones on ch-2 or ch-3 as they are encrypted. and i would assume the hot tones would go out on ch-1 or ch-4 for the actual users on the radio system that don't have the encryption key for ch-2/ch-3 loaded on their radio. the tones would not go out on ch-1 AND ch-4 would they? that would mean its going out on multiple frequencies which nulls the purpose of the trunked systems...

any info appreciated! starting a brainstorming session. :)
Not open for further replies.