How to add database?

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Jan 9, 2010
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To create a new favorites list (database) with these systems you show...
-Open Sentinal
-Find your county in the main HP database in the left viewing pane
-Left click mouse on the county of interest in the list on the left
-you should see all of the systems listed in that county in the right viewing pane
-Left click on the first system at the top of the right pane
-hold the shift key and left click on the last system in the right pane
-all systems should be highlighted in blue.
-place your cursor anywhere over the highlighted area and right click
-drop down menu will appear... select first item "append favorites list"
-dialogue box wil appear asking you to choose favorites list to append or give you an option (button) to create a new list.
-Once you create a new list or select and existing list your selections will be added to the list (in one fell swoop)

Keep in mind you can duplicate systems in one database if you chose to append (add) the same systems intentionally or by mistake. Also note that all of the systems you desire for your new list may not be in one category in the main HP database (i.e. State, County, Nationwide, etc) so you may have to select systems from several categories to get all you want.

All in all Sentinal does a nice job of database creation and edits once you find your way around.
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