how to add this p25 sytem to 396xt

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Sep 22, 2009
Ok I have the 396XT and I have several county frequencies in it already. I am using freescan to program the scanner. However I am a little lost on how to enter this system into my scanner.

Overlay Regional InterOperability Network (ORION) Trunking System, Various, Virginia - Scanner Frequencies

I am mainly interested in a few of the interop channels like incident command 1-3.

how would I go about putting these into my scanner in freescan? What type of group do I need to set it as?

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Jul 22, 2002
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It's not the type of group, but the type of system and site(s) that are important here.

This will should understand the manual mechanics - it makes doing it with software much easier to understand

Easier to Read BCD396XT Digital Scanner Manual

In short you will need to create a new system, then choose the site(s) you want to use (and for this I would ask in our Virginia forum as to the right one(s) to use in your area), then create a group with the interop talkgroups you want. Remember that all sites share the same groups of talkgroups. You must assign site and group quick keys, and make sure they're enabled before you upload. Use the ADD function when you upload to add this system to your current configuration.

Since you don't have a subscription you can use the EZ-Grab function to copy the data you want. This, along with the use of the Quick Key Manager, is pretty well explained in the user manual, here...

Freescan EZGrab - The RadioReference Wiki

(note that although the article uses EZ Grab for a conventional import, using it for importing a trunk system works the same way, just copying different data)

Freescan and Quick Key Processing - The RadioReference Wiki

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