How to Convert Video to Audio on iTunes

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Jan 25, 2012
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The particular iTunes application is primarily known as a new music-playing program, but the newer versions also offer the capability to engage in video files. If you use a movie in iTunes and wish to separate the video in the audio, you can alter the file towards the MP3 format, which will get rid of the video content as well as create an sound recording file. Be aware which converting a video file with an MP3 will once and for all erase the movie content.


1 Launch the particular iTunes application on the Mac or COMPUTER computer.

2 Go to "iTunes" from the top menu bar and choose "Preferences. "

3 Go on the "Advanced" tab presents itself the window.

4 Open your "Import Using" drop-down menu and choose "MP3 Encoder" on the list of selection.

5 Close your "Preferences" window to save lots of the settings and resume the main iTunes display screen.

6 Highlight this video file within your library that you might want to convert for an audio file.

7 Go on the "Advanced" menu and choose the "Create AUDIO Version" option. The iTunes software will now individual the video as well as audio portions on the file and build an MP3 file which contains only the sound recording data.

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