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Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Aug 9, 2014
back said stuff I'm with you know to really they do to learn about his program and probably has clients more than anything more than any other %ah professional Amy category our doctors yeah absolutely at love his best showing is the doctors doctor the doctor doctoryeah he's got a great information in there and I left the key point out all your other age management to me there's no such thing Asante-aging you're going to 8 have but this is age management learning how to go forward and a healthy a way in just right what was it right an amino we see it I we thought I'm it and every that one other success stories we've shared on the program is that people look young Akashi where they tell you how are you in the right direction and if somebody is it to eat some reason that deficient hormone they're going to respond really well to exercise and a lot of people do well tell you see people who've never exercise at all who have an exercise in years get back out there they start walking jogging they might do some weight lifting they might get in some swimming or martial arts but just do something right to start moving your body is gonnalove you for it absolutely I totally agree with you I funny something that you love doing too is there is a big mood right now they say someone or something that or we said very good here for his doctor wife act on the theme she does she's got a question we'regonna have to get her cured I pumping from a perfect good whatever both I good heavens I'm so coming up next week on next week's program I want to get a little tip about that we're going to talk in particular about what kind of careers are becoming so I are open to people who have this passion to help others get healthy and strong we don't talk about that enough but if you make about the body transformation and you get it he just catch fire with this in your mind becomes alive in you want to help others and you want to make this your profession we're going to talk about the top 5professions I'll and how to get involved in them where talk about those top 5 professions for people who walk to help others transform their health and crew improve the nutrition and I live a better life it's going to be a fun program.
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Not open for further replies.