How to listen to a P25 talkgroup?

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Jan 18, 2017
- I have a new Uniden BCD996P2 scanner for the P25 phase I/II trunked systems.
- In the past, I have listened to the Dodge county sheriff & Fremont, NE pd/fd on a simple conventional scanner (uniden BC177xlt).
- Now that dodge county Fremont, NE pd has moved over to the ORION P25 phase II (1 talkgroup), I am trying to listen to that.
- I have downloaded off of this RR website the necessary ORION P25 site/talkgroups for the dodge county Fremont, NE.
- I am using the software ACR XT basic for the ORION P25 download and believe that is correct.
- I have also loaded a conventional frequency list for the Dodge county sheriff (which has not moved to the P25 yet), and can get the conventional freqs to scan right to hear them.
- I see from the RR that the dodge county is using the Washington county NE P25 structure for the Fremont, NE pd talkgroups.
- on my BCD996P2 scanner, I see both the conventional & P25 scanning, but I never hear the P25 frequencies at all.
So my questions:

1) why can't I hear the P25 Fremont, NE PD on the BCD996P2 scanner?
2) the RR website said only 1 talkgroup is being activated for the Fremont, NE PD.
Do I need to do something with the ARC XT Basic software to activate a talkgroup?

I have never heard the P25 talkgroups before on any scanner, so I do not know how to proceed to fix this.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Buster Brown
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